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What are the Benefits of Using Travertine Pavers?

Designing or renovating your outdoor space can be very exciting. It’s a chance to extend your living and entertaining area, or to boost your property’s curb appeal. One of the best things you can do is to install new pavers to change the look and feel of your patio, deck, or pool area. There are many choices out there, but only a few can rival travertine pavers.

Travertine has been around since the ancient times. You can see them used in ancient Roman and Greek buildings that are still around today, and their elegant look has lasted for centuries. Travertine pavers are worth your investment because:

They are timeless

Travertine pavers are truly timeless, both literally and figuratively. Because they are limestones, they are built to last forever. Your backyard and retaining walls will surely keep their beauty for years to come even with minimal maintenance.

They are cost-effective

These types of tiles can level up your porch or kitchen at a relatively affordable cost, compared to marble which is more expensive. With various available colors and designs, travertine can bring style and extravagance into your house for less.

They are easy to replace

Other tiles may require you to remove multiple tiles to fix and replace a single broken section. With travertine pavers, you can target a specific tile to be discarded, and install a new one without ruining the surrounding tiles.

They are environment-friendly

Since travertine comes from the earth, this material is fully organic. It adapts well to the environment and blends well with any outdoor façade or architecture.

Travertine pavers are great options for your house if you want a simple, classy, and tasteful upgrade of your outdoor area. Travertine is a natural stone that can give your swimming pool, outdoor deck, and patios the luxurious look that you have always wanted.


Transform and Modernize Your Home with a Marble Paver Driveway

Most homeowners choose asphalt and concrete for their driveways because they are cheap and durable. The problem with these materials is that they are not visually appealing—in fact, they are often characterized as ‘plain’ and ‘boring.’ If you are willing to spend money on a driveway makeover, why not choose marble pavers? A marble driveway is no doubt expensive. However, one cannot deny its many outstanding benefits and advantages. A marble driveway is a great investment in more ways than one.

Marble is so versatile that it can enhance the appearance of just about any space. It comes in different patterns and colors and can blend harmoniously with any environment. Whether you have a Victorian house or a modern home, you can surely find the right marble paver that will complement your property’s exterior design.

Some people would even think about installing natural stone on their driveway; after all, this area of the house is subject to extreme wear and tear, and most homeowners fear that natural stone materials might not be able to stand up to the pressure. But this cannot be farther from the truth. A marble driveway made of superior marble pavers is built to last. Compared to other natural stones, marble has the best compression strength. It can hold the weight of any vehicle and withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Here’s another good reason to choose marble: It has the ability to retain its appearance for decades. Its color won’t fade. But of course, a marble driveway also needs proper care, like scheduled sweeping and cleaning.

Overall, installing marble pavers can increase the value of your home. If you are planning to resell your house or simply want to modernize it, then add a marble driveway. But first, make sure that you source your pavers from a reliable and reputable supplier.

Marble Deck: The Best Makeover for Your Pool Deck and Outdoor Living Areas

Do you use the pool area of your house for entertaining guests? Do you love having meals there, enjoying the sun and fresh air with your family? Then it makes sense to give your pool area a makeover. A few upgrades can make it look more appealing and inviting while improving its functionality. If you are thinking about which natural stone you should use for your deck, consider marble. Exactly what makes marble the best natural stone for your deck?

Naturally beautiful

Like travertine, marble blends harmoniously with any type of ‘outdoorscape’ because of its naturally beautiful appearance. It also comes in different colors and finishes so you have plenty to choose from. Though marble pavers are not shiny and polished, they have the ability to reflect light. You will notice the amazing variation of colors when the sunlight hits your marble deck.

Cool to the touch

You probably know how painful it can be to walk barefoot on pavement in the heat of summer. That’s because cement retains heat. Marble, on the other hand, dissipates heat so quickly that it takes a long time for it to warm up. This amazing quality of marble makes it perfect for pool areas.

Built to last

A marble deck is built to last because marble pavers have high resistance, strength, and durability. They can withstand any weather condition without wearing and tearing. They are also low maintenance. Once they are installed and sealed properly, you can enjoy your beautiful marble deck for years. Just make sure that you don’t use acidic chemicals when cleaning. You should also buy your marble pavers from one of the most reputable and reliable suppliers of natural stone in the country if you want the highest quality at great prices.

Tips to Consider When Purchasing Travertine Tile for Your Home

When it comes to interior flooring, one of the best kinds of tile to choose is travertine. This natural stone is not only durable but also stylish. Most people who want to achieve luxurious and elegant homes install travertine because they appreciate its beauty, timelessness, and elegance. Think of it as an investment that has the potential to value to your property. Need some advice to get the best travertine tiles? Here are some tips.

1. Order from a reputable and dedicated distributor of travertine products.

Some suppliers in the country source their travertine products from Turkey, which is the leading exporter in the world. But the best distributors have direct contact with quarries from around the world and order travertine products in large numbers. This enables them to sell at lower prices. When checking a supplier’s website, find where and how they source their products. Don’t forget to check out their selections and offerings. It’s usually better to buy from a dedicated supplier of travertine because that means they are knowledgeable and experienced.

2. Read customer reviews.

One way to confirm or find out the quality of the products and services of a supplier is to read customer reviews about them. This is the best way to find out more about their promptness in answering queries and delivering orders.

3. Familiarize yourself with the different types of travertine tiles.

There is a wide range of travertine tiles to choose from. They come in different cuts, grades, and colors. Educating yourself on the basics can help you decide which type suits best for your home.

4. Consider the other interior design factors of your house before choosing a certain type of travertine tile.

Where exactly do you intend to install the tiles? Do they complement the color of your walls? Do they make your living room look more elegant? These are just some of the questions to ask before you make a decision.

Marble Tile Distributors – How to determine which is the Right One?

As a natural stone, travertine has a naturally elegant look that can elevate your property’s appeal Selecting the right distributor of marble tiles from the huge number of options can be difficult. But with these tips, your search should become more manageable and ultimately successful.

1. Ask for recommendations.

Ask your friends or neighbors if they know a good supplier of marble tiles near your area. If they themselves have installed marble tiles from the same supplier, ask them about their experience in terms of customer service and product quality.

2. Make a shortlist.

Most businesses are going online. This should make it easy for you to search for a couple of suppliers and compare their offerings to you can create a shortlist. Some of the best marble tile distributors in the US have comprehensive websites that have all the information you need to know to make a wide buying decision.

3. Inquire about what you need.

Ask your prospective supplier about the particular marble tiles that you want to buy and whether they have it. Don’t forget to ask about other services they might offer. A reputable distributor knows more than how to market their products. They are also knowledgeable on installing, sealing, and protecting marble tiles. Most online stores have ‘live chat’ functions, so that they can reply to their customers immediately. You can try inquiring using that platform to see if they are indeed prompt. If they are available 24/7, even better.

4. Know where their marble tiles come from.

Some distributors source their marble from manufacturers in the country while some directly order from quarries in Europe, Turkey, and other parts of Asia. If you want premium quality marble, choose a distributor that sources them from the world’s leading quarries.

5. Check their marble tile collection.

The advantage of having a wide collection of marble tiles is that you have more options. Visit the distributor’s showroom if you can to see the different styles and qualities of tiles and to get inspiration as well. You can also ask them to send you samples.


Adding Elegance to Your Living Room with French Pattern Marble Flooring

The living room area is an important part of a home. It is also the place where the family typically gathers and guests are entertained. Thus, you need to invest in superior-quality materials that will make this area more comfortable and elegant. Since flooring can dramatically affect the look of a living room, it might make sense to start the makeover by installing marble tiles.

There are different styles of marble tiles, and one of them is called French pattern. Four marble tiles of various sizes make up one piece of square or rectangle French pattern tile. This popular style is used for creating complex floor designs in hotels, offices, and museums. Of course, they can be used in living rooms, too. How can French pattern marble tiles make your living room more elegant?

1. They are timeless.

Marble is luxurious in itself; It can give a space a certain grace and sophistication that is hard to achieve with other types of flooring such as wood. French patter marble flooring can instantly create a vibrant, friendly, and chic ambiance.

2. They last forever.

Marble has been considered one of the most luxurious flooring materials for centuries. This natural stone was used for building ancient structures that stand to this day. Marble is not only sophisticated—it is also durable. When you install French pattern marble tiles in your living room, you are investing in lasting beauty.

3. They are unique.

French pattern marble tiles combine elegance and style, making them unique. They come in different hues and blends of colors to choose from. Because you have a variety of options, you can unleash your creativity. For example, if you have bright walls, you can opt for darker tones to achieve contrast. If you want something that is universally appealing, choose milder tones like cream or ivory.

Why Travertine Is Preferred For Paving The Pool Area?

Rock and pebble pavers, cement, and conventional tiles may be commonly used when paving the pool area, but they can be unsafe and they tend to deteriorate quickly over time. For that reason, you may want to consider travertine pavers or the French marble pattern paving material for areas that are typically exposed to wet and moist conditions. These pavers can come in a tumbled finish that will provide extra grip for feet. This way, you can improve the safety of your pool area and minimize incidents of slips and falls, especially if you have children and elderly around.

Travertine and marble pattern pavers come from natural stone that is naturally porous, so they prevent puddles from accumulating and forming around your pool area. So, you can splash around as much as you want without worrying about flooding and puddles in certain places around the swimming pool. Both travertine and marble pavers are excellent insulators, too, so they are not likely to become hot, especially in the summer. This way, you can sit comfortably around the pool area without the burning sensation. Likewise, they are more comfortable to bare feet, so you can walk barefoot and not worry about a rough surface hurting you.

Aesthetics is another reason for considering travertine and marble pattern pavers for the pool area. These materials come in a wide array of unique colors and styles that can let you make a bold look, while ensuring an elegant and luxurious touch to your pool deck or waterline. Standard bullnosed pool coping is easy to install on uniquely shaped pools that have a lot of rounded curves. They come in other sizes that can be used on rectangular shaped waterlines, too. Some suppliers offer specialty travertine and marble copings for remodeling and retro fitting. These products should help you save time and avoid costly and time-consuming demolitions when you want to fix your pool.

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How Marble Basin Can be a Stand-out Feature in Your Bathroom?

Whether designing a new room or remodeling an old one, your choice of surface materials is critical not only to the overall look and ambiance of the area, but also to its function and safety. Marble is one of the most elegant and luxurious home design materials you can find in the market. Not only does this stunning material create a classy look for any bathroom, it is also one of the most durable and resilient minerals to use for surfaces that are constantly wet or moist. While it can be tempting to use marble for everything in your bathroom, here are reasons why you might want to limit your marble pieces to accent features that make your bathroom design stand out:

• Instead of covering your bathroom entirely with marble, consider making your design pop out even more with accent pieces that pop out. Marble stone basins along with bathtubs and sinks are great choices of stone elements that add timeless elegance to your bathroom interiors. In addition to bathroom tops, stone basins are also great for kitchens and smaller washrooms, elevating the appearance of the space.

Marble sinks and basins come in a variety of types and styles. A single-bowl layout is common for small bathrooms, but if you have space to spare, having two basins on your bathroom counter might also be a practical choice, especially in a shared bath. Some popular marble basin formats include under-mount sinks, vessel sinks, wall mounted sinks, and integrated or countertop sinks, the last of which make perfect choices for pre-fab vanities.

• Marble is an ideal choice compared to stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and stone basins because of its durability, heat resistance, and ability to withstand pressure without cracking and chipping. This is why marble is a popular material in high traffic areas like bathroom vanities and tubs.

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The Advantages of Travertine Paving and Pool Coping

As you design your pool, one of the most crucial considerations that you have to make is the quality of the materials that will be used for your pool’s construction. Travertine is an ideal material that you can opt for when it comes to your pool deck and coping. Travertine is durable and elegant, and this makes it a popular option for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Travertine is a naturally porous material. However, it is also long-lasting since it has a solid structure that has been formed over many years. A travertine pool can be expected to have a smooth surface, but at the same time, it has more traction and grip compared to pools built with other materials. Travertine is one of the best choices if you would like to reduce the chances of accidents around your pool, such as falling and slipping. With a travertine pool, you can run and walk around your pool area on your bare feet even during the summer because travertine pavers are heat-resistant.

When you check out the prices for travertine paving and pool coping, you will find that they are higher than the prices for other materials. However, travertine is generally worth the money since it’s long-lasting. In the long run, travertine will prove to be more cost-efficient than other cheaper options. Since travertine is durable, you can expect it to last for many years.

Maintaining a travertine pool is relatively easy. Travertine is freeze-thaw resistant, and it also does not gather dust, debris, or moss easily. You also do not have to worry about discoloration, but if an accident happens and the pavers or copings get damaged, repaving and recoping shouldn’t be hard.

Travertine pavers and copings are available in various patterns and colors that will seamlessly complement your pool area’s design. When buying travertine materials, make sure that you get them from a trusted supplier that offers high-quality and genuine products.

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Material That Has Withstood the Test of Time: Marble or Travertine

Marble and travertine are types of limestone. They are both durable and elegant, but they do have their differences.

Appearance and Usage 

Marble tiles are among the most commonly chosen natural stone tiles to be used in both residential and commercial properties—and it’s easy to see why. Naturally beautiful and luxurious, marble floor has a certain appeal that is hard to match. Marble tiles are often used on floors. However, they can also be installed on backsplashes and countertops. Marble pavers are also available for outdoor applications. Marble comes in a variety of colors, such as blacks, whites, grays, creams, blues, pinks, and greens. A wide range of patterns is available since marble has a veined design, and every tile has a unique veining pattern. Each marble tile looks different from the rest, even if the tiles come from the same batch.

Meanwhile, travertine is a strong and durable stone that can be considered as a wild-looking one. It comes in a variety of colors, including creams, whites, ivories, beiges, golds, browns, and red. Travertine tiles and pavers can either be honed (smoothened and polished), or unhoned (has a more rustic surface). Unhoned travertine tiles are often used outdoors since they provide more traction and non-slip, and hence offer more safety. Because of their slip resistance, travertine pavers are often used around pool areas. For indoor applications, honed travertine tiles are more commonly used.

Durability and Maintenance 

Marble is not just well known for its beauty. It is preferred also because of its resistance to allergens, bacteria, and moisture, provided that it is sealed properly. A marble floor is pretty easy to maintain, and all you have to is to wipe or sweep it to keep away dust and dirt. Make sure that you don’t use abrasive cleaners as they may cause your marble to stain or scratch.

Travertine, like marble, is also a durable stone that will not weather or deteriorate over time. You also won’t have to worry about discoloration as travertine’s color does not grow dull or fade. You can expect your travertine to still look as stunning even after decades. Using travertine indoors will require you to reseal the tiles regularly (about once a year). Aside from that, you just have to sweep, wipe, or mop the tiles.

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