Month: July 2018

French Pattern Travertine Tiles – Don’t Limit Your Options, Choose from the Most Diverse Collections In The U.S.

French pattern tiles can add sophistication and character to your space. In fact, they are popular with luxury home builders and owners because of their elegant and unique beauty. If you are ready to start shopping for French pattern travertine tiles then you must make yourself familiar with some of the styles available in this selection.

  • Autumn blend brushed-chiseled – Do you want to create a warm and welcoming feel for your bedroom or study room? This stone colored travertine tiles that have red moldings might do the trick.

  • Cappadocia brushed-chiseled – For those who like the rustic or country home aesthetic, Cappadocia travertine brushed-chiseled tiles are a good choice. You’ll love the simple yet elegant swirls of red, ivory, gold, and black.


  • Country classic brushed-chiseled – Another great option for rustic or country style homes is country classic brushed-chiseled. This style combines brown and cream.


  • Desert gold select brushed-chiseled – This honey-golden colored travertine tiles bring sunshine to any space. Lay them across the floor or install them on the walls.

  • Ivory select tumbled – Those who are building modern homes often choose ivory select tumbled tiles to achieve a timeless grandeur.

  • Noce select tumbled – If you need to dark flooring to contrast the color of your wall, choose this tumbled travertine tile. It is a blend of darker variation of ivories and beige.

  • Silver tumbled – For bright shower rooms and kitchens, silver tumbled travertine tiles are your best options. This style is distinctive for its soft shades of cream and tan.

Another thing that you should do before shopping is to look for a reputable distributor. See if they have the style of travertine tiles that you want or if they have other styles that you haven’t seen. Ask them to send samples to check the quality of tiles. This is also the best way to see if that particular color will complement your home interior.


How Do I Purchase Top Quality Travertine Tiles in Louisiana?

Ask any expert and they will tell you that superior-quality travertine tiles are imported from Italy, Turkey, and some parts of Asia. While there are US quarries producing travertine tiles, the options are limited and your chances of getting unique colors and designs are slimmer. So, what should you do if you want to shop for travertine in Louisiana? The answer is to buy online from importers who source their natural stones from the best quarries around the world. Be sure to look for a supplier that can supply travertine in Louisiana and surrounding areas.

  1. Look for a supplier that has a showroom near you.

A reputable supplier does not only sell online—they also operate showrooms where they display their products. There, you can check the quality of their travertine tiles with your own hands and eyes, so you don’t have to rely on pictures alone. Visiting a showroom also allows you to get inspiration for your project.

  1. Request for free samples if their showroom is too far to drive to.

Some suppliers can also send samples to you so if you cannot come to them. Samples are often sent for free. You can then place the sample tiles in the area where you intend to install them to see how they look in the space, how the light hits them, etc.

  1. Compare prices and sources.

Don’t just buy from any supplier that offers the cheapest travertine tiles. Consider where they source their products. A good supplier gets their natural stones directly from quarries in Europe and Asia. They buy huge quantities, and this allows them to lower their prices.

  1. Check the supplier’s reputation.

A good supplier of travertine in Louisiana has an established reputation. They have been in business for decades, and their local clients are always happy to recommend their outstanding products.