Month: February 2018

Marble Tiles: Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Home

Natural stone flooring is a good choice if you are thinking of redecorating your home to make it look more elegant. When choosing this type of floor, consider marble tiles, as they provide an easier way to transform a space from dull to luxurious. Marble is metamorphic rock that is non-foliated and made up of re-crystallized carbonate minerals. It is developed from limestone that has been exposed to extremely high temperatures, resulting in the formation of a crystalline structure, which is favored by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a building material. The elegance and longevity of marble flooring is proven by those structures, including majestic buildings like the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, and Lincoln Memorial.

By using marble tiles, you can transform a room into a beautiful work of art that can accommodate any interior décor or design. This makes marble flooring versatile for any area, as it gives you the flexibility to decorate the room however you want. There is no need to worry about the floor becoming outdated or not matching your décor and the furniture that you want in your home. This way, marble is a good choice if you want a timeless and classic flooring that will not only last for generations, but outlive the trends in interior design.

Marble tiles can be used in any room of your house. As long as they are the right finish, they can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens, too. Tumbled marble flooring will provide extra grip for footwear and feet to prevent slipping and falling. Polished marble is always a good choice if you want a room to look grand and lavish, and a honed finish is ideal if you are aiming for a subtle elegant look. If you are not sure what color or finish of marble flooring to use in your room, order free samples of the tiles from a reputable supplier.

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Marble Pavers – Create A One-Of-A-Kind Design For Your Outdoor Living Space

Marble is often the easiest choice when you want your outdoor living space to be elegant and sophisticated. It can transform a dull and plain deck, balcony, patio, or garden into an area that is conducive for entertaining, lounging, and relaxing. Marble pavers come from the hard-metamorphic rock that was formed from limestone after it was exposed to extreme pressures and temperatures. Every paver has unique patterns of veins and shades, and slight variation in color due to the silicates, micas, and oxides that were present while marble was being formed. If you are not sure what color of marble pavers to use, consider requesting samples from a supplier of natural stone tiles and paving material.

A marble tile will typically have a smooth and polished finish, but pavers are finished with a non-glossy surface. Despite that, marble pavers are still capable of providing a one-of-a-kind charm to outdoor living areas. They are versatile for use on pool decks, walkways, and driveways, too, and as they come in many different patterns and colors, you should be able to find the right material that will suit your landscaping and exterior design. Once installed, you will find that they can enhance the look and value of your property. 

Leading suppliers of natural stone materials carry marble pavers in a tumbled finish to provide superior skid resistance, a quality that is important in outdoor paving to prevent skidding and slipping. Marble is cool to touch, so you do not have to worry about the pavers feeling too hot under your feet, especially in the summer. Because of the material’s density and durability, it has extensively been used in construction, and it can make your outdoor living space naturally beautiful for generations. The dense nature of the stone means that the pavers have greater compression strength to endure heavy foot traffic. The durability of the stone means that the pavers will not fade or chip, even when people walk on them frequently.

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Travertine Buying Guide : Add Natural Beauty to Your Home

Earthy and natural elements will make any room in your home versatile and capable of having any décor, furniture, or accessory. They will make it easier to apply any interior design or theme, too. Very few natural stone tiles can help you achieve that, and one of them is travertine flooring, which comes in different finishes, colors, and textures. This variety ensures that you can find the right kind of travertine tile for every application in your home. Just be sure to buy premium grade natural stone tiles from a trusted supplier online. Here are some tips to help you find the right supplier and tiles:

  • Verify the supplier’s reputation – Consider a natural stone supplier that is trusted by many customers as a one-stop shop for all travertine flooring requirements. Make sure they source their tiles directly from top quarries and sellers in Europe, Asia, and Turkey, so they can pass the savings on to you.
  • Go for premium grade tiles – The quality of travertine tiles can be determined by their grade, which can be premium, standard, or commercial. Premium or first grade tiles are perfectly cut and have a uniform thickness, with very little filler used. Standard or second grade have the same features as first grade travertine flooring, but the tiles have more filling in them. Commercial grade’s cut may not be perfect on every side, and the thickness may not be uniform. Additionally, more filler is found in the tile.
  • Pick the right finish – Travertine tiles come in four major finishes. Polished tiles can make your floor look like glossy marble tiles, making them perfect if you are aiming for a lavish look. A honed finish can achieve the same effect or a subtle elegant look without the glossy surface. Brushed and chiseled travertine flooring can provide a rustic finish or a castle-like look and feel to a home. Tumbled tiles are versatile and will provide a more natural look, while ensuring a non-slip surface.
  • Request samples – If you are not sure which color or finish of tile is right for your application, order free samples from the supplier.

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