Reasons to Choose Travertine For Your Pool Deck

Choosing a flooring material for your pool deck means more than just picking what looks aesthetically pleasing and blends well with the surroundings. Travertine is a fine material that perfectly suits pool decks, and even other parts of the house. More than its fibrous and modern look, travertine is slowly becoming more popular because of its durability and fuss-free upkeep. If you are choosing between travertine pool deck materials, then here are a few reasons why travertine should be the one for you and your family:

1) Safe for the family

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC, roughly over 150,000 injuries occur annually around or in swimming pools—and they are typically caused by slip and fall accidents. Travertine pavers with unfilled surfaces have more traction than marble or other types of flooring. Their non-slip surface is ideal for pool decks.

2) Perfect for the outdoors (or even indoors)

Travertine pavers are heat-resistant so you can walk around barefoot on a hot, summer day without worrying about getting burnt. During the cold, winter season your pool deck is prone to freezing and defrosting when spring comes and typically this results in damage or even decay, but travertine pavers are freeze-thaw resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor pool decks.

3) Versatile appearance

Travertine pavers often come in various shades of cream, tan, white or rust colors which can easily adapt into most color palettes and designs. The look of travertine also brings warmth and rustic decadence to any room or pool deck. These pavers often come in French pattern sets of different sizes from 12” x 12” to 24” x 24” but the latter is steadily growing in popularity among homes.

4) Hassle-free maintenance

From installation to its upkeep, travertine pavers are easy. Cleaning is a breeze and so is replacing the pavers in the event that one or a few get damaged. For ideal, long-lasting results, hire experts to put the pavers in place.


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