Month: June 2016

Travertine Floors – Enhancing Your Comfort and Luxury

There are many different ways that you can enhance the luxury and comfort of your home, and the easiest way to do that is to choose the right type of tile for your floors. Travertine tiles are among the most sophisticated options for luxurious flooring that can provide comfort and higher value to your property for generations. The varied designs, colors, patterns, and styles enable you to create a uniquely bespoke look that can elevate the status of your property. You buy the tiles cost-effectively from a supplier that directly imports travertine from quarries in Europe, Turkey, and Asia.

Travertine tiles may help reduce your chances of having allergies due to pollen and pet dander because they are easy to clean. The flooring will not retain dust and dirt, too. A simple sweeping or occasional vacuuming or wiping can easily get rid of allergens caused by those elements. You can feel comfortable knowing that your flooring is clean, allergy-free, and low-maintenance.

The vast selection of finishes, colors, and styles will ensure that you can find something that suits your interior design goals. It’s easy to create a distinct look for any room in your house. Travertine floors come in four major finishes: polished, honed and filled, brushed and chiseled, and tumbled, and each can help you create any look that can go from rustic to traditional, old world and elegant, or sleek and modern.

Polished travertine tiles are perfect if you are trying to recreate the look of mega-mansions and majestic palaces due to their shiny and glossy surface. Hence, the floor can increase your home’s appeal and make it look and feel exclusive. If you prefer a more subdued elegant look, honed and filled travertine tiles are for you. The honing process keeps the surface of the tiles smooth without polishing them.

Travertine tiles with a brushed and chiseled and a tumbled finish retain the natural characteristics of the stone. They provide additional grip for feet, too, so they are safer for areas with high foot traffic. The slight texture and the unrefined edges of brushed and chiseled tiles provide a more dramatic and unique transition from tile to tile.



The Benefits of Installing Marble Coping in Your Pool

Marble is one of the most exquisite materials for building or remodeling a swimming pool. Its majestic colors, patterns, and textures provide a look of elegance and luxury to any waterline. Using marble copings will add value to your property, and you can expect them to last for generations as they are made of hard metamorphic rocks formed from limestone after being exposed to extreme pressure and temperature.

Natural marble lets you transform the look of your pool or spa with minimal maintenance in the long run. In most cases, you only have to clean the copings at the start and at the end of pool season. Marble copings are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. They naturally resist mold and mildew growth, as well as stains.


Reputable and experienced natural stone suppliers carry ready-made marble pool copings that are ready to install. The sizes are perfect to easily enhance your pool. Standard bullnose coping is ideal for uniquely shaped pools that have a lot of rounded curves. The shape helps minimize waste and the need to make large cuts on the marble for a more cost-effective installation. You can mix and match tumbled marble pavers and copings together to create a bespoke look that goes perfectly with the pool deck.


Tumbled marble copings come in other sizes for pools that have straighter edges. Bullnosed copings are versatile for the steps of your pool, too. Marble will provide a non-slip and a more comfortable surface for your waterline, so you can comfortably walk or sit on the sides of your pool without worrying about slipping or falling, even when wet. The tumbled texture offers a higher co-efficient of friction between the surface of the coping and your feet. It takes a lot for a marble to become hot, too, so it feels cooler to touch, even on a hot day.