Renovate and Modernize Your Home’s Décor Using French Pattern Travertine

French pattern tiling is known by many names, such as the Ashlar pattern and Versailles pattern. It is a multi-sized tile pattern that builders and designers love to use because of its versatility and unique aesthetic appeal. Because it uses differently sized tiles, it is a great way to break up large areas such as patios and living rooms. The pattern is also adaptable even to smaller areas like bathrooms and hallways and is a great tiling style to use if you want to promote a continuous visual pattern in a particular area.

Tiles used for French pattern travertine flooring or paving are packaged in bundles, making it easier for your installer to simply lay the tiles out. This saves a great deal of time come installation. Sets usually come with easily repeatable that can also be readily expanded out in any direction, which makes them ideal for most any type and size of space. One advantage of the French pattern is that pieces fit together perfectly like a puzzle.

Another benefit of this tiling style is that it eliminates the need to wall to wall grout lines, which is somewhat of a headache for installers and homeowners alike, when working with other tile formats. Brushed and chiseled edge travertine are common finishes used for the French pattern layout, although you may also use tumbled and honed edge tiles, if so desired. A material-friendly pattern, the French pattern also lends itself to other material options like limestone and marble, for those who want the rugged appeal of limestone or the sleek elegance of marble. Travertine, on the other hand, is a popular option because the material is easy to match up. When shopping for travertine tiles and pavers, make sure to choose the right supplier so you can source the best quality materials for your upcoming project.


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