Why Pavers Are an Ideal Choice for Pool Decks and Driveways

You have a lot of choices when it comes to pavers for driveways and pool decks, but natural stone manages to stand out from all the other options due to its durability, elegance, and the long-term value it adds to your property. Marble and travertine are among the known natural stone products used as pavers. Travertine is a limestone that is typically formed from precipitation in natural springs and rivers, resulting in a porous surface that provides a rustic look to your driveway or pool deck. Marble is a metamorphic stone that has been subject to a lot of pressure and extremely high temperatures, resulting in a denser and smoother surface that is perfect for creating a luxurious and sophisticated look.

Marble pavers may seem absurd for outdoor applications, but they are surprisingly practical if you want to increase the value of your property and elevate the status of your home. The material is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and objects like cars and trucks. Marble pavers compliment the look of a lavish home exterior, so your driveway does not look mismatched from it. Tumbled marble pavers are slip-proof, so you do not have to worry about your car skidding or your feet slipping when you walk or run on it.

Travertine pavers come in two finishes: tumbled and chiseled. Both offer a slightly textured surface to provide some grip, so slips and falls are lessened. Tumbled edge travertine pavers go through a process that removes any tiny chips and loose imperfections, resulting in rounded edges for a classic and sophisticated look. Brushed and chiseled travertine pavers offer an old world or rustic look with their rough edges and unfilled, honed surface.

Both travertine and marble pavers are durable and can outlast other materials. Hence, you are investing in materials that are guaranteed to last for generations. For centuries, travertine and marble have been used for exclusive and prestigious projects ranging from government buildings and lavish palaces to castles and ancient structures that are still standing today.


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