How to Assess Quality Travertine Suppliers in Florida

High-quality travertine tiles and pavers come from reputable suppliers. Find at least two local premium suppliers in Florida and compare and assess their selection of travertine tiles and pavers, as well as the quality of their services to help you make your decision. Here are the qualities that you should look for when assessing a travertine supplier in Florida:

• Look for a specialized dealer – The best travertine suppliers are not merely flooring stores. They specialize in importing and retailing travertine tiles and pavers, too, and are able to ensure the best prices.

• Importers – The best suppliers work directly with premium sellers and quarries in Turkey, Asia, and Europe to bring the best possible quality travertine pavers and tiles. Their prices and selections are hard to beat.

• Established and well-known business – Make sure the supplier has been sourcing and selling travertine for at least a decade. Their longevity in the industry prove the quality of their service and credibility, and it shows that many locals trust the supplier when it comes to natural stone products.

• Visit the showroom – Reputable suppliers have a showroom in Florida. Be sure to schedule a visit to personally see the selection of travertine tiles and pavers.

• Free samples – Some premium suppliers can send free samples upon your request. This way, you can easily determine how a specific color, design, or finish will look in any application.

• Additional servicesReputable travertine suppliers in Florida are not merely retailers. They are natural stone specialists who can provide reliable support, advice, and information when it comes to working with travertine for any application. Hence, you can trust their expertise and get valuable insight when deciding to use travertine for any project.


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