Month: November 2015

Why Travertine Is Ideal for Pool Decks and Driveways

Pool decks and driveways are commonly high traffic areas, So Safety along with aesthetics is a priority. Investing in travertine pavers will ensure a driveway and a pool deck that will last for generations while increasing the safety in your property. Travertine is a natural stone and it comes in chiseled edge and tumbled edge finishes that can provide an opulent and elegant look to your outdoor spaces. A tumbled edge travertine paver will look terrific on your driveway or pool deck, and its slightly textured surface will provide some grip to reduce the chances of falling and slipping, especially when it is wet.

Travertine pavers with a tumbled edge finish are usually preferred for outdoor applications that aim for a classic and sophisticated look. Their faded colors and rounded edges add to their appeal; if you want to improve their hue, a stone enhancer usually does the trick. They go with almost any décor or exterior design, too, making them a versatile choice for both contemporary and traditional homes.

Brushed and chiseled edge travertine pavers are another alternative if you are aiming for a rustic and old world look. Their rough edges are reminiscent of the material used in European Renaissance castles and lavish palaces. The unfilled and chiseled surface can match any outdoor exterior design or as a means to compliment or contrast an existing paver in a different material.

The benefits of travertine for driveways and pool decks are not merely limit to their beauty and sophistication. Travertine’s porous surface does not easily absorb heat (unlike other decking materials). Hence, your pool decks and driveways can remain cooler than their surroundings, especially on a hot day. This way, you can walk comfortably and spend more time relaxing in your deck, and let your kids play on your driveway.


How to Assess Quality Travertine Suppliers in Louisiana

Buying high-quality travertine tiles and pavers starts with a good supplier. The easiest way to find local travertine suppliers is online. There, you can easily compare suppliers and assess their quality of services and products until you find the right source for travertine tiles or pavers. You need to make sure to work with a reputable and honest supplier that specializes in natural stone products. These factors should help you assess the quality of travertine suppliers in Louisiana:

  • An established business – Choose a travertine supplier that has been in business for at least a decade. Its years in business should say a lot about their credibility and quality of service. It shows that customers trust the supplier when it comes to high-quality travertine pavers and tiles.
  • Services – Reputable suppliers do more than merely sell natural stone products and materials. They provide customers with reliable information, support, and advice in various outdoor or indoor projects. They employ people who have years of experience in working with natural stone, too. This way, you can trust the information that comes from them.
  • Where travertine comes from – Some of the best travertine suppliers in Louisiana are importers, too. They work directly with only the best sellers and quarries throughout Europe and Asia to bring the highest-quality travertine pavers and tiles to you a fraction of the cost you will find in other retailers who work with middlemen. A leading travertine supplier in the US imports more than six million square feet of travertine each year, making them one of the top importers nationwide, and they are able to pass the savings to their customers.
  • Free samples – Good suppliers will do their best to help you make informed buying decisions, so they will send you free samples of the travertine pavers or tiles, which you are might be interested to buy.